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"After losing 30 pounds, I decided I needed to make a change in my exercise routine. Missy has taught me how to exercise with purpose which is making me stronger and improving my health and wellness. You are never too old to make positive changes. Thank you Missy!”

Julia Ann

"It’s been almost five years that I’ve been a member of Star Fitness Center. I joined in 2015 because I needed to lose weight, strengthen my back and tone my arms and legs. Missy has been my instructor for Barre and Circuit Training. I can’t say enough about Missy and her methods for getting results. Her classes and professional advice have gotten me the results I wanted. Thanks Missy and Star for keeping me motivated and healthy!"


"I have had a great experience training with Emily. I have increased my self-confidence and really seen improvement. She is so inspiring and helpful. She has challenged me every day to push further and stay positive. I am so thankful for all of the time and effort she has put into achieving my goals!”


“I enjoy working out and participating in an active lifestyle. Working with Missy has been fun and very productive. Since the beginning of 2017, I have lost over 20 pounds and am currently working on dropping to the floor on both knees from a standing position. I have been able to accomplish my goals, largely with the help of Missy."


“Each visit at STAR Fitness is always a wonderful and joyful time. Since I have been a member, I have lost 50 lbs. with hard work and help from the staff. The staff always makes it a point to check on me during my workouts and offer to help me if I need it.”


"The results I have achieved are truly amazing"

"Absolutely love the people that work at Star Fitness. Anytime I have questions about nutrition, health, or workouts, I’ve been able to go to any staff member for help! It’s been a joy to go for the last 10 months. The staff and the members of the gym are always a pleasure to see, feels like family there, and the results I have achieved are truly are amazing!”


"It is safe to say that this new lifestyle is here to stay!"

“I was a self-proclaimed ‘couch potato’ until age 50. While battling with obesity and depression, I took my doctor’s advice and joined STAR Fitness doing personal training with Missy and a low carb diet. Now, 52, it is safe to say that this new lifestyle is here to stay! I have lost 50 pounds and I have never felt better.”


"I've lost 20lbs and plan on never looking back!"

"I passed by Star Fitness for two years before I finally made the decision to try something different. At the time I weighed 215lb, drank at least 2 Red Bulls a day followed by Dr. Pepper. I had been a smoker for ten years and would also over eat at every meal. A year ago I decided to quit smoking, give up caffeine, watch what I ate, and join a gym. Josh set me up with a diet and personally trained me for 3 months. Today I feel great! I’ve lost 20lbs and plan on never looking back!"

Price Mabry

"I am completely satisfied with my results so far."

"Before training, I was not as healthy as I wanted to be. My goal was to tone up and gain muscle, while losing body fat. Emily pushed me to do my best and I am completely satisfied with my results so far."



“Carl and I have been members of Star Fitness Center for three years. Carl enjoys working out on the machines and I enjoy the classes. We both have met many good friends and find that the staff and the clients exhibit a positive attitude. We leave feeling physically stronger and emotionally more connected. I enjoy utilizing the different classes to build strength or to rehab after experiencing life challenges to a maturing body. Carl and I appreciate the time and energy Missy Daniel has brought to her position as manager. The cleanliness of the facility and the upgrade in the machines has been a welcome improvement. I have recommended Star Fitness to my friends as a healthy and fun place to work out.” ~Bonnie